Board & Staff

2018 Board of Directors








Tom Marko, President
Independent Consultant, Social Services & Organizational Management

Myranda Rodriguez, Secretary
Gracepoint, A Place for Wellness

Melissa Burman, Treasurer
A Brighter Community and Bank of Tampa

Maria Broome LeVinus
Bay Area Early Steps Provider Representative

Pat Grosz
Positive Family Partners

Diane Koch
Positive Family Partners

Our Staff

Diane Koch, Ph.D., Executive Director
Pat Grosz, RN, Ph.D., Director of Operations
Louise H. Boothby, Ph.D.
Sylvia Johnson, Ph.D.
Chamain Moss-Torres, Ph.D., Psychology Resident
Carmen Otero, MS
Georgia Lundberg, M.Ed.
Migyury Borges Martinez, M.Ed.
Maria de Mora, BA
Maria Sanchez Mejia, MA
Griselda Ramos, MA
Maritza Machesney, BS
Rafael Alvarez, MS
Marisol De La Rosa, BA
Madeline Fernandez, BA
Liana Lauro, BS
Maria Broome-LeVinus, M.Ed.
Evelyn Melendez, BS
Pamela Milbry, MS
Andrew Miller, BS, Accountant
Melanie Miller Williams, MS
Jennifer Mitchell, Program Coordinator

2018 Advisory Committee

Dr. Kate Stowell
Policy Advisor, Child Development

Kimberley Booth
Owner, Therakids Plus

Michael Burman
IT Specialist

Chamain Moss-Torres

Anthony Carswell
Citigroup International Securities Specialist

Rob Garcia
Business Law Attorney

Lisa Fuente
Public Relations and Education Consultant

Your Donation is Appreciated!

Positive Family Partners welcomes donations of adaptive toys, materials for home visitors (such as board books, paints, crayons, paper) and cash. These donations help support a loan library for children with special needs.

Positively Berries is an online website dedicated to fund-raising for Positive Family Partners. Donations also made be made using the PayPal button below. Or mail your donation using the information at the bottom of this page.

Official registration for Solicitation of Contributions: Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services: CH44391