Welcome to Positive Family Partners Inc.

Promoting health and positive development for young children and families

Services and Supports

We provide and assist children, families, agencies and our community with services and supports to promote positive development.

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Community Assistance

We assist the community to develop resources and expand service opportunities for children and families related to infant mental health and child and family health and development.

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Child and Family Advocacy

We are advocates for the health and educational needs of young children and families. We work in cooperation with health, education and welfare agencies to meet the needs of children and families.

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We Are Seeking Independent Contract Employees

We are seeking contract employees for our growing nonprofit. Requirements: Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in fields relating to Child Development, Education, and Mental Health. Flexible Hours and Earnings. Bilingual, English/Spanish Preferred. Contact: Pat Grosz, Ph.D. 813-220-7468|FAX: 813-570-7939

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